About – The Good Dog Academy


The focus of TGDA is to create a well adjusted canine companion that will become a well loved family member for a lifetime.

• We teach easy-to-do training techniques that are designed to motivate your dog to want to learn with you. 
• We are dedicated to helping you and your family build problem solving skills for everyday situations. 
• We teach more than canine obedience; the skills you learn will assure a happy dog!

Canine/Human Communication


We have found that most issues dog owners have, start with communication. Clear and consistent communication can be a challenge when the other party is of another species and doesn’t speak English or even use words of any language!    Good owner and dog communication starts with understanding and ends with consistency.  We have found many owners, who without knowing, confuse their animals with mixed signals. TGDA can help you establish, clarify and simplify your communication skills.  Your dog can finally understand your intentions and you’ll understand theirs!

Resolving Environmental Issues


You will learn to create a safe, stable environment for your pet.  Many issues start in the home without even knowing.  Issues such as house training, crate training, barking at visitors and respecting household property can be effectively addressed using behavioral modification and problem solving. TGDA can help with these frustrating and challenging situations.

Learn  Modification Techniques


TGDA dog behavior modification and problem solving methods focus on reinforcing desired behaviors, removing reinforcement for the bad ones, and determining the drivers of undesirable behaviors.  We have found that punishment should only be used when other approaches have failed. The Good Dog Academy will create a behavior modification program and curriculum that is designed around your specific concerns!

Our approach is proven to promote an understanding of your dog’s behavior!


TGDA is passionate about improving the quality of life for dogs and their owners through training.  Every dog and owner are unique and require a training program that is customized to their personalities in order for them to reach their maximum potential.  If you’re serious about having a well-trained, well-behaved dog call today and request a free evaluation. 

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