Behavior Modification 


Please!….. Just Behave!

Everyone wants their dog to behave. We take the time to train them and teach them the basics, like potty training and sit,  but there is much more to the way a dog acts.   This is called behavior, and it is the basis on which training was developed.

Behavior Modification & Problem Solving

We understand that on occasion, dog owners may be faced with certain behavioral problems that aren’t fixed by obedience training. These issues can creep up slowly or appear over night.  Often due to no fault of the owner at all!
Canine behavioral issues can come from misunderstandings, environmental pressures, negative experiences,  lack of socialization, or poor training and care from a previous owner.
We can help to correct or eliminate problem behaviors such as:  fear,   hyperactivity,   aggression,   separation anxiety,   biting,   excessive barking,  insecurity  and destructive behaviors.

In-Home Training

Private In-Home training is needed to modify behaviors which are specific to your dog’s environment or family members. Such as: aggression, aggression to family members, aggression on walks (leash aggression) and separation anxiety, to name a few. Other behaviors, like house manners, and potty training, we have classes for, but we find that addressing the behavior where it occurs can be more effective at times.

With an in-home training session, we will take the time to fully understand your dog and the behaviors presented, at the initial, mandatory in-home evaluation. (fuel charges apply) With the first lesson, you will learn and practice the training solutions most appropriate for your dog, family and lifestyle. We will schedule follow-up training sessions to make sure you make progress, properly execute the training, and make adjustments based on how you and your dog respond. We will provide you with specific, manageable training exercises where you can see weekly progress. We will either come to your home or meet you wherever the problem behavior may occur (like at a public trail or dog park). We will travel almost the entire North East Texas area. However, there is a modest fuel charge of $1.00 per mile each way (for locations in excess of 15 miles from The Good Dog Academy.)

Initial in-home evaluations typically take an hour. Cost is $45
In-home sessions generally run 1- 1.5 hours, but could be less or more.
Cost is $229 for 2 sessions

Cost is $399 for 4 sessions

No-shows and cancellations within 24 hours will be charged for one hour of training.

Our approach is proven to promote an understanding of your dog’s behavior!